Styling a Japanese Dwarf Juniper and some Japanese Black Pine

Well it has been an incredibly busy Spring, here’s a little glimpse of some trees we’ve been working on!

This Japanese Dwarf Juniper was grown originally as a garden tree and is around 15 years old.

Here the tree is without anything done to it, it was placed in a larger grow pot to let it recover after it was removed from its last home.


Here it is after excessive branches were pruned away and the shari (or deadwood on the trunk) has been roughly carved for now just to see where the live wood is.



Here’s the final result after the whole tree was styled. Before I styled the tree I saw another angle I liked better so that’s why the pot is tilted. This side shows the shari better and makes the tree feel more inviting.




Believe it or not the tree below is roughly four years old and has never been pruned or disturbed. This variety of elm is known as a Catlin Contorted Elm and has a lovely natural growing habit and requires years to produce a good sized trunk.

IMG_20150622_174642_649 IMG_20150622_174649_838


Here’s a Lantana from the personal collection.

IMG_20150622_174621_548 IMG_20150622_174605_493


Next up we have some Japanese Black Pine (JBP). All of these have been grown from seedlings and it’s very rewarding to begin to see a future for these trees. In a few weeks around the middle of July all of our JBP will be decandled. I’m still experimenting with the timing of pruning as it is crucial for developing smaller needles and internodes on JBP. I’ll make sure to have a follow up post next year. Right now there are many sacrifice branches left alone to help fatten the trunk.

IMG_20150622_173121_367 IMG_20150622_173109_309 IMG_20150622_173100_840 IMG_20150622_173029_790


These JBP below will all be smaller sized trees when they are done. These are all in the developmental stage where the main concern is the trunk line and taper.

IMG_20150622_174202_553 IMG_20150622_174217_584


Here is a field grown JBP the same exact age as the first JBP shown and roughly the same size. I’m experimenting with field growing and potting up trees into larger grow pots, I always like to experiment and see what develops.


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