Fall Update

Here are just a few of the trees that have been worked on recently. Yes, some of these will be for sale, when they are ready they will be listed.

First up is a large Parsoni Juniper with a beautiful base and really nice trunk movement. I’m thankful all the branches that required heavy bending made it and are pushing new growth. Only the larger branches were wired this time around which is why it looks a bit sloppy. I’ll do a full detail wiring maybe next year.



The tree below is a Cherry Laurel which is a bit of a nuisance tree here in Florida as it likes to send up hundreds of new shoots from the roots. The first picture is after collecting the tree in early 2014′, thank you very much to the Hogan family who let me collect it. The next picture is about a year later and the last is how the tree currently looks. The new leader was allowed to freely grow since collection and now the taper is getting better. This tree definitely needs a few more years but it’s making good progress.





This Parsoni Juniper was very recently styled. The tree leans strongly forward and has many options for a good front. I’ve left many small shoots alone as this tree really needs a few branches here and there.



Another Parsoni with a sprawling silhouette in a semi cascade style. Both trunks are connected at the base and have a good rhythmic flow. I took the time to wire everything out on this tree and it turned out fairly well considering it was a 3′ wide bush at the beginning of the day.



One more Parsoni Juniper, this tree really lent itself to a bunjin style. After looking at it for awhile the lower section of the trunk would probably look better brought closer to the main trunk. Just the larger branches were wired into place this time around. The deadwood and live vein have nice interaction and it will be fun to see how this tree progresses.



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