Informal Upright Parsoni Juniper #1


Parsoni Juniper

You will receive the exact tree in the photos.


Collected in 2012 this Juniper is now well established and doing very well. In the past year the tree has been fully styled to produce it’s beautiful compact shape. The trunk movement and ribbon like character are the best qualities of this tree. This tree was very lightly root pruned in 2016 and will not need any major work in the coming year or two.



Fact List

  • Measurements:   Height:  16″     Width:    16″      Trunk Diameter:   2.5″     Nebari (root spread):   5″
  • Hardiness Zones: 4 -11
  • Outdoor Only
  • This tree ships semi bare root – loose soil is gently worked away and the rootball is plastic wrapped
  • Age: 25 years+

We do not ship to California or Puerto Rico. Thank you!



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