Buddhist Pine Bonsai Progression Series

This massive Buddhist Pine bonsai was collected at the beginning of 2012. After resting for almost a year it was recovering nicely in a 65 gallon grow pot. This Buddhist Pine would be left alone almost entirely for about 18 months. At that point the growth was fantastic, 1′-2′ growth was visible all over the tree which told me it was ready to be worked.


This Buddhist Pine bonsai was used as a demo tree at the Hukyu Bonsai Club in Spring of 2013. We discussed how to possibly carve it and what direction the tree should take. Everyone had great insights and agreed shortening the tree by carving or removing the main trunk was a good idea.


In 2014 I had completed carving a gnarly hollow into the previous main trunk that was around 20′ tall when the tree was collected. Next only the main branches were wired into place. Since I want lots of ramification on this tree and a very large first branch it has been left in a large pot.


A front view of the tree in Spring 2016. The apex needs to be shortened and the tree styled in a way that flows with the deadwood, right now the tree hides the hollow too much. I attempted a thread graft and it seems to be living after stripping it bare to thread it through the drilled hole. Note the first branch is well over five feet long, without using these sacrifice branches achieving similar ramification could take decades.



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