Carving Demo Buddhist Pine

Thank you to the Suncoast Bonsai Society in St. Petersburg for the opportunity to talk about bonsai and carving. This Buddhist Pine was a giant shrub before the group helped me to get this tree on its way. It was collected in 16′ and was showing signs that it had recovered and was ready for work.

The largest branch on the right will make the new trunk. Most people agreed allowing it to double or triple in size would make for a better bonsai. Use sharpie or chalk to mark out what you’ll be carving.

Here we have the finished rough carving. I will allow the deadwood to rest for about a year. Once it’s cured properly the detail carving can begin. I sketched a rough idea of how it may look once styled. My main goal is to hide the straight part of the deadwood with branches and to frame the deadwood.

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