Chickasaw Plum Bonsai Progression – a Native Yamadori’s Journey

Chickasaw Plum is a native species that produces beautiful white blooms in early Spring while the tree is still bare. I collected this Chickasaw Plum bonsai in 2013 as the deadwood and character were phenomenal and really told a great story. Here it is in 2014 after being allowed to freely grow and recuperate (the clamp was used to epoxy a piece of bark I had accidentally knocked off!). Nothing was done to the tree at all in the first two years except cleaning and painting lime sulfur on the deadwood. Working a collected tree that isn’t well established is playing with a level of risk I’m not willing to take for trees I really care about.

Chickasaw Plum Bonsai Chickasaw Plum Bonsai

Now in 2018 and the Chickasaw Plum bonsai is doing great. I was able to wire the new trunk line and let it build taper by allowing it to freely grow for a few years. It was now needing a repotting as the nursery grade soil it was originally potted in was spent. I would have preferred to repot this tree before it pushed this much growth. Alas Florida isn’t the best at offering predictable seasonal changes. This tree flushed out a whole month earlier than other Plums. In fact the tree already needed to be pruned as it sent up vigorous suckers in all the wrong places, as plums are wont to do.

Chickasaw Plum Bonsai


I worked away the old soil and left more than half of the rootball alone. The tree was potted into 100% pumice. Finally, the deadwood was cleaned and painted with 100% lime sulfur. The tree isn’t ready to show anytime soon so I use full strength to stymie any fungal activity or curious nibbling insects.

Chickasaw Plum Bonsai Chickasaw Plum Bonsai

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