River Birch Progression Update

It’s repotting time and I was excited to see how the roots had developed on this bonsai. Uncovering the nebari is always a fun surprise, it’s easy to forget what’s under the soil when you have a decent number of trees. I was happy to find the tree had solid taper hiding under the soil. You can find the original post of the tree below.

Post from one year ago: River Birch

Here she is before repotting and work.

Next, a close up of the roots reveal there are some empty spots in the nebari. I thread grafted two seedlings (index and ring finger) of the same exact species to help fill in the nebari.

The back side shows some wounds that still need to heal. I wish I had applied cut paste a few years ago as they would have been closed by now.

A good substitute for expensive cut paste is duct seal. You can find it at most major hardware stores in the US. I mix a small amount of vegetable oil (if needed) to it to soften it up and make it easier to work with. It’s nearly as effective as the standard cut paste and inexpensive.

You can see the two thread grafts exiting and a third approach graft on the left side.


The River Birch is potted in pumice mixed with pine bark fines and a little peat. The sacrifice branches were tipped back to maintain balance and the trees goes back on the bench, one more down.

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