The Farm Has Been Moved!

For me, this new year came not with the sound of crackling fireworks or bubbling champagne but it crept in like a sleepy dog. You see, you never know exactly what you’ll run into starting a business and I never would have expected to move my bonsai farm three times and myself twice over the course of five years. So I’m very happy to be resting after setting up a new property that will serve as a permanent bonsai farm with more to offer than the previous ones.

Now it’s time to get busy working on the most important part, the bonsai!

I have a short video posted on my Facebook if you’d like the see the before of the first two trees (link at the bottom of the page).

Southern Red Cedar Bonsai

Southern Red Cedar Bonsai


Parsoni Juniper Bonsai

Parsoni Junipr Bonsai


Floating Raft Style Pond Cypress Bonsai – Before and After

Pond Cypress Bonsai Pond Cypress Bonsai

This is not often seen in nature but occasionally a big storm will blow a tree almost over and create this sort of a raft style.

American Hornbeam Bonsai – Before and After

This American Hornbeam has been in training for about five years and it’s finally gaining some nice ramification. The pot is way oversized and the taller tree needs to grow out more to create better balance but the gnome approves.

We had a freakishly cold night for my area recently when it dropped down to 24°F. It was the first time I’ve ever seen icicles form out of pots and soil freeze a solid 1/4″ down in zone 9 in Florida. The upside is that it has produced unusually nice color this year on some trees.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

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