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Quality bonsai and prebonsai dealer. You’re invited to come take a look at all our trees for sale and our specimens in development.


Custom Landscape jobs and bonsai gardens.

Bonsai Services

Bonsai styling available including carving and general maintenance.

Bonsai Blog

Chickasaw Plum Progression Series

Chickasaw Plum is a native species that produces beautiful white blooms in early Spring while the tree is still bare....

Starting Bonsai from Seedlings – Sweet Acacia

Often I work with seedlings because good quality stock doesn’t exist for the species I want to grow. Only so...

Creating a Live Oak Bonsai – Year Five of Training

Living in Florida for the greater part of my youth I’ve climbed and admired Live Oaks just as any respectable...

Developing a River Birch Bonsai

The River Birch below was trained from a seedling for bonsai and spent about three years in the field on...

The Farm Has Been Moved!

For me, this new year came not with the sound of crackling fireworks or bubbling champagne but it crept in...

Fall Update

Here are just a few of the trees that have been worked on recently. Yes, some of these will be...

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